Monday, April 11, 2011

Replace your batteries on your Gameboys and other handhelds

A few years back I was very excited to find my Original Nintendo Game Boy, Gray at my parents house. I had all the original games and the original hard case. When I opened up the box I saw that Tetris was still in it. I thought I'd fire it up. Well it didn't fire up. I pulled at the cartridge and it didn't really want to come out. When I got it out I saw that it was coated in a blue patina. I had left the batteries in it. Not for very long either. Sadly when I opened up the unit, the cancer had spread throughout the circuit board and it was a lost cause. I still have it in case I need an extra body case etc... but I encourage all you retro gaming addicts to go to you closet, pull out your handhelds that you're not using and remove the batteries. NOW!

Pictured above: That's my childhood Gameboy. It was like watching my dog die before my eyes.

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