Tuesday, February 16, 2010


There are tutorials all over the internet to change the color of your LED in your old NES. I think I will be trying this out soon and will talk about it on the show when it finally happens. Maybe I will put together a tutorial as well. Until then, you can watch this long winded version. Personally, I would have used theme music from Castelvania in the background or something 8-bit, but I suppose this will have to do. Enjoy!

Nintendo NES LED Modification Tutorial - Funny bloopers R us

Friday, February 5, 2010

Legend of Zelda Cartoon streaming on Hulu.com

Every retro gamer was a fan of retro game cartoons at one time or another. If you are still a big fan of retro gaming cartoons, stop by the Legend of Zelda page on Hulu. They are currently streaming season one. I will try and post links to streaming retro gaming shows whenever possible. You can search through netflix and hulu to find a few right now.

Retro Gaming Donations

Brian and I are always seeking new games, game consoles and accessories. If you think you have something kicking around your parents attic or in your basement and would like to donate the item, please contact us. We do our best to provide our audience with a wide variety of content ranging from the early days of gaming up to ten years ago. We promise, your piece of antique technology will get the love and care it deserves.
That's right! Brian and I are back in action with NEW Cartridgecade segments. We'll be announcing the new episode soon. You'll be able to go check out the podcast by going to Secret Identity and downloading the latest episode, going to drivethrucomics.com to download or by streaming it via the link on the right column of this site. We'd like you to stop by our message board (RIGHT NOW) and tell us what games you want to hear us talk about.

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