Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Original Tron Film Out On Bluray April 5th

Oh man! I'm so excited to see they finally released the original Tron film on bluray. Last year when Tron Legacy came out I wanted to get the film prior to watching the sequel. Unfortunately it was impossible because Disney had done some testing and found that today's audience would be turned off by it. They actually had screenings where folks were laughing at the visuals. I have to tell you, the visuals are a bit better in Legacy, but it's still glowing folks running around inside a pretend computer.

I realize this is not a retro game, but it's based around the concepts of some of our favorite retro games of the past. It plays off of classic arcade game names and even has the awesome, "Flynn's Arcade" in the film. Super stuff. Get on it! Order one! I'm going to order mine soon and after I check out all the goodies I'll be posting a review.

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