Monday, July 18, 2011

Dad Was an Arcade Hero Last Night

Every year our family goes to Maine, and one of the best parts about the trip is that there are a few great arcades in the area. Last night we went to the Boardwalk Arcade at Wells Beach, and I had a great moment with my five-year old son. As we were winding down our arcade trip, my son pointed over to a machine in the corner--one of those "claw" games that are designed to rip you off (you know the ones).  He pointed to the machine, and more specifically at a penguin plus toy inside and said "Dad, will you win me a penguin?"

I strolled over to the machine, only to find out this was a claw game with a twist. You have to play a Tetris-like minigame just to get a chance at using the claw. Lose the game, and you don't even get a try with the claw. So I popped my two quarters in, and beat the minigame on the first try. I then deftly maneuvered the claw over the penguin in question, and snagged it on the first shot.

As my son watched with glee, the claw dropped his brand new toy down the chute, and I walked away a hero for the day.

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