Sunday, January 23, 2011

Use your Wiimote on your Computer and Droid

I was looking for a USB NES controller one day and a Facebook friend recommend I try and use my Wiimote as a controller while I waited to purchase a USB version. I did some Google searching and came across PieGlove. It's a simple program that allows you to use your built bluetooth or a dongled to control your Wiimote. It tooke me a few tries but I got it working. If you have trouble at first, try a different version. In Windows 7 64bit I had to use the older version, which was strange.

After successfully getting PieGlove to work, I had a fantastic idea. If someone made PieGlove, then certainly there must be an NES addict out there who made a driver for my Droid X. And I was right! After a quick search in the apps store, I found a WiiMote controller app (Wiimote controller by C.C.P. Crea@ions). I loaded it up and it worked perfectly with NEStoid (which is a GREAT emulator but the on screen controls can be annoying)

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