Monday, October 18, 2010

8-Bit Music and a Jonesing for Mario 2

One big draw to almost any 8 bit game is the fantastic music the composers were able to come up with the limited pallet of sounds and virtual instruments. I've had the intro music for Super Mario Brothers 2 in my head all day. This made me want to youtube it up and watch some game play. As I write this blog I can here the under ground congo drums in the background and now the boss music as the eggs fly towards out hero Mario. Anyone who's played the game and hear the music in there head now. What are some of your favorite 8-bit anthems? Sound effects? Maybe we need to discuss this on the show, much like our early conversations about power ups. I will trail out this article listening to some more under ground music which also reminds me of desert level. Enjoy the clip.

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