Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tell us about local retro upright machines in your area.

Do you have an arcade with some retro games in it? Please share it with us. I will talk be talking to Brian on our next segment about arcades and where they are, where they have gone and how we can try and help our own stay in business.

I recently found a few games tucked away in the upstairs of the Foxwoods casino. I grabbed this picture off of the net to let people know where they are. There are some stairs behind the machines on the right hand side of this picture. Head up those and head all the way to the back. You'll find Pacman, Galaga and Spy Hunter waiting for you. They need some love. Visit the official Cartridgecade Message Board and let us know where your retro game uprights are hiding. A pizza place, arcade, local bar, pool hall etc...

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